So what is up with the world today?

Well… let us see; The last Batman film of the current series has had a seriously killer finale, as everyone knows and is quite obsessed over… despite the meaninglessness and utter worthlessness of their conventional conclusions. In Syria, the regime currently in control of the United States is supporting a Sunni-Islamist uprising that is likely to result in the displacement or slaughter of the country’s Christian community, along with the large Shiite (i.e., logical-Moslem) and Druze ( Platonic/inbred Moslem) communities. Russia, again officially under the control of Putin, emerges as the sensible and intelligent player in world politics. Israel is again shown to be a minor actor, having nothing to gain from the victory of either side in the Syrian Civil War (sorry, anti-Zionists).

In American politics, Romney continues to prove his status as a GOP puss-cake who is unwilling to engage the Black God Obama in a way that will truly resonate with the Republican base (pro-tip: attack immigrants, Organized Blackness, and all forms of post-’60s society, dipshit). 

In Europe… Well, the Golden Dawn in Greece continues to stir up trouble for the Anti-European, Anti-Western, Anti-WHITE zeitgeist by not dissuading their footsoldiers from attacking immigrants, Moslems, and other scum. Hopefully, this rightist radicalism will spread across the continent… But I am doubtful that it will happen quickly.

As for me… I continue to spread my knowledge amongst my kinsmen in the occupied American Mid-Atlantic. Hopefully we will have a Grecian-style breakthrough here soon!

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The Utopia that isn’t

In the dawn of the 21st Century, the Masses of the West looked forward, hoping that the horrors and bloodshed of the 20th Century had been left behind. The Two World Wars, which had set the stage for a third act that fortunately never came, had given way to a decade of wealth and decadence that, many assumed, would persist on forever. “The End of History” had been declared, for it seemed that the capitalist-liberal system had triumphed and established itself as the final word in how human society was to be ordered. Indeed, as this “New World Order” was declared by the “Leader of the Free World” in 1991, only faint voices could be heard raising objection. The regular opposition, the Soviet Bloc, had collapsed to the floor in agonizing defeat.

Warning signs were all around though, that this utopian vision was not yet set in concrete. Finally, in September of 2001, as the two greatest edifices of capitalist hubris were reduced to hot rubble in New York, with the bodies of thousands of ordinary men and women trapped forever beneath, the Utopian visionaries set out to establish with permanence their dream of a new world.

For all the talk, the “search for understanding” into what lead up to the events of the eleventh, very little of that was to ever occur. Yes, the how is well understood and clear, and even those who question it have their own theories of how. It is the why that was never properly answered- not the why that motivated the 19 Arab hijackers, but the why behind the policies of multiple Western countries that let those terrorist commandos legally slip through the gates to wreak havoc on a besieged civilization that hardly realized it was besieged.

So, the events of September the Eleventh taught me a lot about Muslims and the reason why Muslims would attack the West (Islam).

As the rescue work at Ground Zero was just wrapping up, the American military machine went active around the world, to bring liberal-capitalist progress to where-ever it was unwanted. Meanwhile, in Europe, doors were thrown open to waves of new people entering, to enrich the “white bread” of that continent with a healthy multigrain of “diversity”, with the plain idea of blurring the lines what separate one world from the next.

What was the purpose to all this action, this activity? The cosmopolitan, rootless white man, with a vision of Utopia, abandoned his People and his God to reshape the world in the image of his philosophical ideal:  One Humanity, One World, One Destiny.

It is now clear to all those who see, that this is a Utopia that isn’t. The Cosmopolitan European man has brought anarchy and terror into his house, sometimes by those he let in, and other times by those he left behind. He is running out of money, his armies are engulfed in quagmires overseas, and his base of power is now on a foundation of quicksand.

His propaganda and police apparatus work overtime to prevent his overthrow, but his time is short. Either he can amalgamate the restless populations in his power-base, or he can see anarchic conclusion of his multicultural formula.

We are those who see. The goal of this web-log is to counter the machine the Rootless Cosmopolitans use today to hide the fact that their dream has progressed into a nightmare.


My namesake was the General Marcus Atilius Regulus, who was captured by the mercenary army of Carthage during the First Punic War. He was told to return to Rome on parole with the peace terms offered by the Carthaginians. Instead, he told his people to fight, told them that not all was lost, and to reject peace without victory. He honored his parole and returned to Carthage, where he was thrown into a dark dungeon before having his eyelids cut off. They forced him to stare at the Sun until blind, and then pushed him into a spiked casket to die.

As he did, I will tell my people not all is lost, and that a glorious future awaits them if they can find in themselves the will to fight.

Cornelis Lens- Regulus Returning to Carthage-1791

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